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Cold Breezes (Soğuk Esintiler) - Release in 2014

In cooperation with Visions of the North
Directed, written and produced by Cengiz Õzgök
Starring Edwin Martirosian, Keimpe J. Visser, Justine de Bruijne-Vermaat.

The pass between autumn and winter

Izzat, a refugee from Syria, arrives by cargo ship into a port in the north of  Holland.
There he meets dock worker Reinder, who still struggles daily with his past.
Reinders ex-girlfriend Inge works behind the counter at the local supermarket.
She is fed up with it and wants to move away as far as possible.
Soğuk Esintiler outlines the search of three individuals, each trying in their own manner to find a way out of their gloomy existence against the gray background of a small northern Dutch port.


‘t Zit niet in mijn Bloed - Released in 2011

Directed, written and produced by Cengiz Õzgök
Starring Peter Schudde

 't Zit niet in mijn bloed

Shows a touching portrait of the artist Peter Schudde living in a small village called Tjuchem, whose passion and drive determines the rhythm of his life. Filmmaker Cengiz Özgök (Delfzijl) transfers with him back in time, where he discovers his love of crude steel in his former residence.


Today’s Existence - Released in 2010

Directed, written and produced by Cengiz Õzgök
Starring Chris Mennen

Urban suburbs give shape to silent, stone symbols of the contemporary performance culture. In this cold and unimaginative world with “Vinex” houses (new towns, shopping centers and office blocks) and its commuters, the protagonist, metaphorically performed by actor Chris Mennen (Amsterdam, 1965), moves into a life devoid of social contact and sincere love.

The relationship with his wife is perfunctory and also his feelings for their children are dulled. Caught in the illusion which he is desperately trying to keep up, the main character is slowly but surely submerging.

Film-maker C.Ö. about this: ”I wonder if the human being in his present genetic compound has a lot going for himself to meet the needs of all the desires and requirements. Disconnected from nature, alienated from things that makes life simple, man, I think, is doomed to fail. A superman would be a godsend, an evolved homo-sapiens effortlessly taking all obstacles and still needs to achieve.”

The main character in the movie is at least aware that he is not a superman. However there is nothing else for him than to move on as he does. Abrupt putting a stop to this and resist the disapproval of your environment simply requires much strength and guts. He maintains the façade as long as it can and continues his fateful road, gasping for breath.

You can see the full movie here:


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